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Second-hand Stores in Belmopan, Belize

If you know me, you know that I LOVE thrift stores and second hand stores – especially American thrift stores with lots of items. Fast fashion and consumerism produce a lot of waste, and there are so many other great reasons to shop second hand! Click here to read my post about alternatives to fast fashion and cutting down on textile waste.

Here I have compiled information of the second-hand (clothing) stores in Belmopan. Feel free to comment below or contact me if you know of a place I did not include here or if any of the information below is inaccurate or outdated. The store listings are not in any particular order.

The “$”s represent how pricey I think the items each store sells are. Of course, all of these establishments sell clothing for cheaper than retail price, but some are more reasonable than others. For example, a pair of jeans would sell for about $5 at a $ establishment, $10 at a $$ establishment, and $15-25 at a $$$ establishment. “⭐” means that the store is a favorite of mine. Please note that all “pros” and “cons” are based off of my personal opinion. 🙂

Alexis Marie Clothes
#2 San Martin Avenue (by No Frills Laundry)
Pros: Good Quality Clothing, Nice Styles, Good Service
Cons: Not Permanent, No Male Clothing

Magaly’s Closet
Calle Las Americas, Salvapan (in front of the field, beside Jin Feng Shop)
Monday-Sunday, 9AM-6PM
Pros: Very Affordable, Good Quality/Styles
Cons: Limited Stock, No Women’s Jeans

City Bargains
35 San Martin Avenue
636-2171 |
Pros: Good Service, A Few Non-Clothing Items
Cons: Small Stock/Limited Items

Katz Lu Consignments
You can bring your own items and if they are sold, you will receive 60% of the price they were sold for.
10 Garbutt Creek Street
Pros: Good Quality Clothing, Non-Clothing Items
Cons: Stock Depends on Individuals

Best Quality Store
(In front of Heritage Bank/by Market Square)
Pros: Lots of Items/Many Sizes
Cons: Tight Space, Some Older Clothing (You have to dig deep to find nice, modern clothes)

Stann Creek Street, Libertad Avenue (behind Kalger’s Grocery)
Pros: Lots of Stock, a Few Non-Clothing Items
Cons: Not Much Light, Limited Styles

D and E’s Variety
Forest Drive (in front of Belmopan Aggregates and Hardware)
Tuesday-Saturday, 9AM-5PM
Pros: Good Service, Nice Quality Clothes, Non-Clothing Items
Cons: Limited Stock and Styles


Constitution Drive (across from Belize Bank and Angelus Press)
Pros: A Few Non-Clothing Items (Shoes Included), Fraction of Proceeds Go to Charity, Occasional Discounts
Cons: Small Stock/Limited Items

Image may contain: people standing

Magaly’s Closet
Mountain View Boulevard (upstairs above Good View Restaurant)
Pros: Many Items, Wide Variety
Cons: Some Items Are Pricey (But Others Are Cheap)

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Κη am Brias Closet More and More Styles Mountain view, #1 Bluecreek street. @ariascloset'

Arias Closet
#1 Blue Creek Street, Mountain View (across from St. Luke Hospital)
Pros: Lots of Clothing
Cons: Little Space, Pricey

Image may contain: outdoor

J’s Casual Wear
30 St. John Street, San Martin
Pros: Affordable Clothing
Cons: Limited Stock

Diamond Variety Store Newly Opened
#7 St. Luke Street, San Martin (next to Donaldo’s Garage)
Monday-Saturday, 8AM-6PM
Pros: AC, Good Service, Good Quality Clothing, Nice Styles, Non-Clothing Items (New)
Cons: Limited Selection, Small Space

San Martin Avenue, San Martin (by Pupuseria)
Pros: Lots of Kid’s (and Baby) Clothing
Cons: Not Much Variety, Limited Sizes

Kevin’s American Clothing
South Ring Road (by ICB Insurance and Shell Gas Station)
Pros: Lots of Items/Many Sizes, Clothes for the Whole Family
Cons: A Bit Pricey, Low Service

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