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Alternatives to Fast Fashion | Cutting Down on Textile Waste

Fast fashion is a big problem. Here are some ways that you can not contribute to fast fashion, but rather support a more sustainable fashion cycle.

  1. Buy less clothing (don’t impulse buy, buy clothes just for fun, or buy when the clothing is not needed)
  2. When buying new clothes, buy sustainably and ethically (support brands that take sustainability measures and have fair wages and working conditions).
  3. Shop second-hand (mainly shop for clothing at thrift stores or acquire them used
  4. Hand down clothes (when you grow out of your clothing items, try to hand them down to someone younger who can wear it for a while)
  5. Re-purpose your worn pieces (if you have pieces that are worn and torn, they will probably not be sold in a thrift store or elsewhere; try using the material for art projects, household rags, or fabric for sewing projects)
  6. Choose pieces that you are really going to wear and are made with quality (when shopping, make sure that you really want the piece, try it on, and think “how many times will I actually wear this?”, “will these piece be outdated in three months?”, “what could I wear this with?”, “does it fit well and will I feel good in it?”)
  7. Borrow clothing for events (when preparing to attend an event requiring you to dress formally, try to borrow from somebody; buying a new piece to be only worn once is expensive and can be wasteful)
  8. Have or participate in a clothing swap with friends or community members
  9. Support local clothing-makers and tailors (get to know your local clothing-makers and tailors; when a piece doesn’t fit just right, you can get it tailored instead of disposing of it; you can support your community)
  10. When donating clothes, make sure you know where they are actually going
  11. Wear clothing as long as you can

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New arrivals every day just means more environmental damage and sweatshop operations.
A lot of fast fashion brands now have “take back” programs. However, most of them are green-washing and don’t actually lower waste or quality of life for those in low-income areas. Read more here.

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